Friday, January 15, 2010

Super Cheat Secrets Trick Quick Character Leveling

Super Cheat Secrets Trick Quick Character Leveling

Fast and easy trick to help you. I want to warn you though, it is expensive, but it will get you leveled quickly if you have Farmville Cash to spare.

Begin by plowing 10 plots of land and you will be using soybeans as your crop of choice.

Then… just delete them all and repeat. This will cost you 300 coins, yet gives you 3 experience points for each plot. Is this expensive Yes, yet you can very quickly advance in the leveling of your Frarmville character.

For sure, you do not have to plow 10 plots either, choose the number that will work for you; I just used 10 plots as an example.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farmville Secrets and Cheats Guide

Do I Really Need a Secrets Guide For FarmVille Playing?

I like to think of myself as one that is relatively well informed in the most cutting-edge generation of social networking site games as Mafia Wars, even Vampire Wars, and a number of others. That's why when I started to see various FarmVille guides and codes popping up all over the place, I was slightly shocked. I mean, I can see why people may want some tips to get ahead in games like Mafia Wars, but FarmVille!? Lol!

Up until this point though, I hadn't actually played FarmVille, but I didn't really imagine that it could be all that complicated. I calculated things and determined that I should give it a shot though, just so that I could say I knew what I was talking about. And I was in for a tremendous surprise. In no time, I ran out of money and had no crops to plant. I have to admit, there was more to this game than I had expected at first.

I finally discovered how to dig myself out of my original hole and out of the red, but I still wasn't making all that much progress. I started to consider that maybe I needed to see what these secrets guides were all about. I wasn't really expecting much, but since I hadn't done so well on my own either, I guessed that it was worth a shot.

So I bought a guide called FarmVille secrets, and was pleasantly delighted by all the tips I found in it. You wouldn't guess that there were so many ways you could tear up a virtual farm, but believe me, you can. I was still crawling along at level 6 when I got the guide after 2 weeks of playing regularly. Now I'm the pleased owner of a plantation and a level 26 Sultan of Soil.

I still review my tips guide from time to time. If you're having trouble getting into the flow of things in FarmVille, this secrets guide is not a bad investment.